Our Story

It all started...

in 1989 with a horse named Toby. Days End Farm Horse Rescue’s Founder, Kathy, met Toby at a nearby barn; he was abandoned & starving. With the help from dozens of friends, Kathy and her husband brought Toby home and nursed him back to health. This was just the beginning. One-by-one, Kathy and her then husband, Allan Schwartz, rehabilitated dozens of neglected horses. She met with local officials and developed a "Guide to Minimum Standards of Care for Equines". Still today, it aids animal welfare professionals investigating equine abuse or neglect. Kathy's supporters quickly grew. People wanted to help horses. People wanted to make a lasting impact.

By 2000, Days End Farm Horse Rescue had saved and rehabilitated over 1,000 horses. Days End partnered with local animal control and humane agencies. These relationships remain our primary work, rescuing critically ill horses impounded by these organizations. Soon, families, teachers, scouts, classes and people of all ages started calling about tours, field trips and volunteering. They wanted to know how they could help. Education was the answer to helping more horses.

Over 30 years later, DEFHR is making a bigger impact than Kathy ever imagined.

One woman with the support from thousands of doers redefined the meaning of community. Ensuring that today’s equine, tomorrow’s educators and future horse owners will do better, be better... & America’s equines will have a voice.

Founders, Kathy & Allan, pictured during the start of Days End Farm Horse Rescue.